Presenters Needed

NERx will be an annual event

If you are interested in presenting a clinic at a future NERx, send us a note along with an outline of your clinic to

We are also looking for layout tours which can be videos, interviews, or a powerpoint presentation. We are happy to help you pull this together, so send us a note and let's get started! Email

Thank you to all presenters

We appreciate the support of our clinicians and layout hosts. Thank you to all of you listerners that tuned in. Check out the recordings for anything you may have missed. The links below will take you to the starting point for each segment in the full video. Individual videos will be produced by the production team and uploaded to the YouTube channel. We will create a new Past Events page once that activity is complete.

Saturday Schedule

Saturday, April 10

Time Type Title
2:00pm Clinic Intro Video and LCC Roundtable
3:00pm Layout Vermont Rail System
3:30pm Clinic AP Program
4:30pm Layout CSX Northeast
5:00pm Clinic Modeling Vehicles
7:00pm Clinic The Old Woman in the Basement
8:00pm Layout Leadville and Red Cliff Railroad
8:30pm Clinic The Future of the Hobby
9:30pm Layout Rondemont And West Shore
10:00pm Clinic Model Railroad Control
Sunday Sunday

Sunday, April 11

Time Type Title
2:00pm Clinic Lightweight Modules for the ETE
3:00pm Layout Lionel Four Level Layout
3:30pm Clinic AP Program Roundtable
4:30pm Layout Canada, Spokane & Pacific
5:00pm Clinic Coloring Wooden Walls with Chalks
7:00pm Clinic Creating a Timetable
8:00pm Layout Mohawk, Salem & Kensington
8:30pm Clinic B&M Passenger Station
9:30pm Layout Oil Creek Railroad
10:00pm Clinic Building a Portable Power Cab

Clinic Highlights

Thank you to all the clinicians that presented at our NERx event. See the schedule above for links to any of the clinics you might have missed. You can also visit the clinics page to see a summary of each of the presentations. If you want to present a clinic at a future NERx event then please reach out by contacting

Clinic Lineup
Clinic 1

Modeling Vehicles for Your Layout

By: Jeff Hanke

Learn about how you can research, plan, and model vehicles for your layout. This clinic will cover all types of vehicles.

Clinic 2

Heritage Park Railroad Museum

By: Rich Breton

Learn about how the team at the railroad museum implemented computer control using Train Controller software on their display layout.

Clinic 3

Creating a Timetable for Chief Dispatcher

By Jim Homoki

Learn how to get started creating a timetable for your layout that meets the requirements of Chief Dispatcher.

Convention Car

Make your own virtual convention car using the decals and instructions provided below.

MiniPrints Promotion

MiniPrints is offering a $50 gift card to one lucky winner during our event. The drawing will take place at 6:00pm on April 11 so make sure you add your comment on the MiniPrints Facebook page. See below for details.